“I'm not going to beat about the bush. This play is a masterpiece.
The writing is superb. No sorry. The writing is genius.”
When Both Sides Surrender
Steve Garti, Actor and critic.

Scott Devon has been writing and performing his work since 2002. He has over fifty poems published across two continents in five languages. His largest audience for a single piece was for his poem ‘Belief’ which was read on Greek national radio to over a million listeners. His two chapbooks are published through Origami Press, ‘Tightrope’ in 2012 and ‘The Book of Doubt’ in 2014. He wrote in conjunction with the Royal Philharmonic Society in 2013, and has worked with names like David Amram, Brian Patten, John Hegley, Howie Good, George Szirtes, Mandy Coe, George Wallace, Frank Messina, Lawrence Evans, Darren Jeffries and Sonia Ibrahim. He began writing plays in 2012, and his first full length play ‘When Both Sides Surrender’ which was inspired by the UK riots of 2011. Described as Shakespeare meets Clockwork Orange, and performed at 53two theatre in Manchester in November 2016. The play was called a masterpiece and received four and five star reviews as well as being shortlisted for two Northern Soul Awards ‘Fringe Production Of The Year’ and ‘Theatre Production Of The Year’. His second play ‘Blue Sky Children’ is due to be performed in 2017.




"Scott Devon's 'The Book Of Doubt' reveals a pilgrim's devotion to the holy dance of words. Any poet who can get Gene Hackman and Quetzalcoatal into the same poem with this kind of panache is a poet worth walking with."
George Wallace, Writer in Residence, Walt Whitman Birthplace.

“The Book of Doubt by Scott Devon will surely remove the doubt that many people, including myself, had about the existence of good poetry, (…) a must read if you want to enjoy the magic of poetic visions.” Hisham M Nazer.

‘Beautiful flow, pace, music and power. One of those rare poems that I would like to read again and again, just for the pleasure of immersing myself in its dark and powerful world. It really took my breath away. Reading it was like taking a long drink of completely pure water when really thirsty.’
Janet Lees.