When Both Sides Surrender ran from 15th to the 26th November 2016 at 53two in Manchester. It was seen by over 450 people to both audience and critical acclaim.


Inspired by the UK riots of 2011, When Both Sides Surrender, deals with the violent aftermath of the police shooting of a black youth. Deliberately written in poetic dialogue the production has been compared to that of Shakespeare and A Clockwork Orange. A high standard production with professional direction, acting and performance space alongside community engagement has drawn in a wider, more diverse demographic, creating debate around what has become a clichéd area of theatre.


Written by Scott Devon. Directed by Lawrence Evans. Cast. Simon Naylor, Andrew Readman, Matthew Hall, Victoria Scowcroft, Sonia Ibrahim, Darren Jefferies, John Tueart, Tanya Vital, James Lewis, Alexandra Jones, Mushi Noor, Ben Thomas, Marie Friend.


'When Both Sides Surrender is a ground breaking play (...). It is an image rich roller coaster that rewards deeply those brave enough to take seat.

Stephen M Hornby.

I'm not going to beat about the bush this play is a masterpiece. (...) The writing is superb. No. Sorry. The writing is genius.

Steve Garti. Actor, Critic.

One of the most intelligently presented pieces of hard-hitting and thought provoking contemporary drama that I have seen presented on the Manchester Fringe in a very long time.

Mark Dee. North West End.


In 2017 When Both Sides Surrender was shortlisted for two Northern Soul Awards 'Fringe Production Of The Year’ and ‘Theatre Production Of The Year'.

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